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The Essence of the Hosting Reseller Business

The Internet is a crucial element in our daily routine. Everyone would like to set up their own online portal, whether for fun, for socialisation or commercial ends. The web hosting industry is flourishing. Why don't you get a slice of the pie yourself?

How did it all begin?

This is how my aspiration to become a web hosting reseller evolved. Perchance it was the same thought that also incited the first reseller web hosting vendors to supply such kind of web hosting solutions - to multiply their customer base and to give other persons an opportunity to make some money.

What can you offer?

Most vendors supply Linux-driven hosting services. Linux is a multitasking OS, which is very suited for both dedicated hosting and shared hosting servers. The typical hosting reseller scheme that corporations offer is the cPanel one, because the cPanel Control Panel GUI includes three access levels - root (reserved for the hosting provider itself), reseller (that is where you come in) and user (for your customers). Even though some do permit overselling, in the majority of the instances you are restricted by the web hosting storage space and traffic limits of your reseller web hosting package. It is like a sphere, which you fill up with tinier spheres - when you have filled it all up, you cannot add more.

Resell private virtual server web hosting plans or dedicated web server hosting packages

The majority of the web hosting suppliers offering virtual private hosting server solutions and dedicated web server accounts do not actually disapprove if you utilize the virtual server or the dedicated hosting server to resell web site hosting accounts. If you elect to sell web site hosting accounts availing of a dedicated web hosting server, you will have full control over the whole machine, the ability to perform any config modifications you think fit and the opportunity to keep track of all the web hosting account holders hosted on it. The private virtual web hosting servers offer similar options, but in the majority of the cases you cannot implement any kernel adjustments or adjustments, which require kernel module rearrangement. The finest hosting Control Panel interface that permits you to sell web hosting accounts availing of your dedicated web hosting server or Virtual Private Server is, once again, cPanel, although you can also use DirectAdmin, depending on which Control Panel graphical user interface fulfills your expectations better.

What do you need to become a reseller?

In order to be a hosting reseller and begin your web hosting business, you need a website, a billing software system, a merchant account with an online payment processor such as PayPal, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, 2CheckOut, etc., and an SSL certificate to make sure that your customers' information is safe when they pay via your web site when purchasing a web hosting service. Popular invoicing platforms that you can use are WHMCS, AWBS and ClientExec. There is, however, one particular reseller hosting services provider I've uncovered that offers you a free-of-charge web hosting reseller account with all that included in it - a ready-for-use web site, a billing software system and even support for your customers. The reseller hosting solutions provider is ResellersPanel and their reseller hosting program is without an analogue on the market, as they bill and support your customers for you, and allow you to sell their services without the need to buy anything upfront yourself. Besides, they permit you to sell all their hosting products - shared hosting plans, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated web hosting packages. You can offer all of these to your customers using a ready-for-use web design template. The profit you make is in fact the difference between their wholesale price and the price you fix yourself, so all you need to do is be a decent marketing strategist and gain clients. If that is a bit too bold for you, they still provide shared cPanel reseller web hosting plans, as the majority of the reseller web hosting providers do, and you can always obtain a virtual private hosting server or a dedicated web server and slice it into web hosting accounts, which you can sell yourself. The bonuses coming with their cPanel reseller web hosting packages will render your reseller life easier too - they supply you with ClientExec in order to charge and support your clients, a collection of web site templates and even a free-of-cost eNom reseller account. I have been with them for a while now and I am pretty gratified, especially since they introduced data center facilities in 4 countries for their shared plans - Australia, the US, Sweden and the United Kingdom. It was an excellent chance to spread my web hosting business further, on 3 continents. What more could I want?

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