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What Indeed is Cloud Web Hosting?

Reseller hosting and "THE HUGE CLOUD"

As of now, nearly each and every hosting and reseller hosting provider toys with the expression "cloud hosting". As a matter of fact, the website hosting companies working with an authentic cloud web hosting platform are most likely less than the fingers of your both hands. That's an established fact. Why is it so? Because it's darn problematical to build a real cloud site hosting system. Firstly, you have to choose the right individuals. Second, it takes years for them to make the cloud web site hosting system. Last, but not least, it requires a lot of cash. Heaps of money. Not every developer or system administrator can participate in an assignment like this one...

Several clouds in the cloudless web hosting sky

Think about this: how many hybrid car builders exist out there? Toyota was the principal pioneer of the flow production of hybrid electric vehicles. Began approximately a decade ago. Recalling anyone else? Huh? Series production? Come on. Attempt once again. Nissan recently has joined the company... going straightway electric with the Leaf model. So, let's get back to cloud site hosting... It seems to us, the entire web site hosting sky is unclouded, with very miniature clouds around (perhaps just several). :-)

cPanel-based web space hosting v CLOUD WEB SITE HOSTING

How many of the cPanel-based reseller hosting distributors in existence furnish authentic cloud hosting services? Let's not forget, cPanel was concocted for and still operates only on a single web server. In no less than ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the cPanel installations worldwide, cPanel operates on one single hosting server. To cut a long story short, the cPanel shared web hosting solution is a one-single-hosting-server-does-it-all type of a hosting solution. All data storage, electronic mail, database, FTP, webspace hosting Control Panel, DNS, etc. services are being served at the same time on one web server.

Single-server web page hosting environments: the queue problem

Here's an illustration: it's like running 8 software applications at the very same time on your PC. The personal computer's operation invariably slows down noticeably, owing to the fact that now there is an immense queue with requests awaiting to be served or executed (initiated by these eight software applications running concurrently). So, when the cPanel-based web space hosting reseller suppliers dub the site hosting solutions that are being offered "cloud web hosting-based", it's a good idea to question them: "What type of cloud are you alluding to?"

The thick fog around the cPanel-based "cloud site hosting" solution

This so-called "cloud" these cPanel-obsessed chaps are talking about, in reality, to a certain degree, seems like a big haze or a condensed fog. Certainly this is not a cloud, even a minute one. In the best case, some of the cPanel hosting corporations (maybe only several) manage to configure a remote database or DNS name server (or servers), and here you are, they instantly profess - we are "in the cloud" already. Yeah, right. Is it a night cloud? Because in the daytime we can't spot it in the sky!

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